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How to Overcome Low Sperm Volume

Oct 24th, 2009 by admin

There are various aspects which cause a low sperm volume and lead to decreasing of sexual pleasure and libido. These are related to individuals lifestyle and environmental factors.  Among these, most important are environmental conditions (such as pollution, toxins,  radiation, infections), stress, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, unhealthy food) which can have a negative influence to your sexual life, including sperm production.

Other temporary condition that leads to low sperm count are:  emotional stress,  impotence, premature ejaculations,  exposing testicles to over heating, like in sauna, bicycling and so on. Although the effect of aging over sperm production is not really clear, studies has shown that  fertility rates became lower for men after age of 40.  Also lubricants, like those used on condoms,  spermicides, oil,  may affect sperm count and fertility.  Some researches, although not all, has shown positive correlation between obesity and low sperm count.
Along with a natural way of life, physical exercises, healthy food, natural supplements have a powerful effect on boosting sperm count, motility and fertility.

Innovative products like Vimax Volume, will increase your sperm count and  improve sex drive, allowing you to experience more intense and longer-lasting orgasms, and more pleasure for both you and your partner.
Recent studies has demonstrated that  quantity of sperm eliminated during sexual act is directly related to orgasm and sexual pleasure. It is known that orgasms consist in muscular contraction. During these contractions, sperm is eliminated, and more sperm is eliminated, more muscular contractions will occur. This will give you more pleasure during orgasms, long-lasting orgasms, harder erections.

Due to its special formula, Vimax Volume will increase your sperm count up to 500% within six months. More powerful, longer lasting and more pleasurable  orgasms, more quality sperm, all these are now possible with Vimax Volume.

Vimax Volume ingredients are specially designed and tested in order to receive the maximum effect.   There are chosen only plants with powerfull effect,  like  Lingzhi, also known as herb of spiritual potency  or San guo mu  that regulate blood flow and increase blood flow in penis, and other plants like Tribulus Terestris Powder, Saw Palmetto Pwd, Hawthorne Berry , Inosine Anhydrous, Avena Sativa , Cayenne Pepper.

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Is it Safe to Increase your Sperm Volume?

Oct 21st, 2009 by admin
Is it Safe to Increase your Sperm Volume?

Although there are so many products increasing sperm volume on the market today, only few of them are recommended by leading specialists and doctors.  If you are looking a product to increase your sperm volume and fertility, you should consider only natural, safe products, that can do no harm to your body.  Beside that, a product made by  a trusted  company, with years of experience is a plus.  Products sold by no-name companies that come out of nowhere, are not only fake, but also may be dangerous to your body.

If  you buy sperm volume increasing pills  like Vimax Volume you should not worry about that. Vimax Volume is made only from natural ingredients, herbs specially chosen and tested in order to achieve best results. These natural ingredients,  carefully blended into Vimax Volume special formula will do no harm to your body. Furthermore, you do not need prescription for these supplements.

A lot of people tried, and they experienced only pleasant effects. Vimax Volume will increase sperm count, motility and fertility, will improve your sexual life and nothing wrong will happen. No side effects, no other undesirable problems. Results are positive, permanent and you should not worry about anything; only enjoy intense pleasure of your sexual life.

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